Greutate ideala BB in functie de FPS

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Greutate ideala BB in functie de FPS

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Incep prin a preciza 2 lucruri:
- materialul este scris in engleza;
- nu imi apartine, este preluat acest articol de catre "asacura" de pe forumul sucevean. Mi s-a parut interesant de stiut acest material si de asta il preiau si il postez aici, mentionand "autorul".

Selecting Your Airsoft BB:
There are no magic in Airsoft, each Airsoft bb fires out of the barrel straight, accurate and strong because every bb's diameter is precisely smaller than the diameter of the barrel allowing minimum air leakage and no jamming. We do not carry poor quality bbs found in sporting good stores that can result jamming in your gun and voiding warranty. Our bb pricing is lowest possible simply to make sure you don't settle for over-priced poor quality bb from retailers that don't understand Airsoft.
0.12g: 200~280 fps
0.20g: 240~350 fps
0.23g: 330~420 fps
0.25g: 350~480 fps
0.28g: 390~500 fps
0.30g: 400~600 fps
0.40g: 450~600+ fps
*This guide is for reference only. The best way to determine what bb works best with your AEG (due to other factors such as wind, hopup, bucking, brand...) is to shoot it out of your gun yourself to see what result you like best!
For AEG, Gas guns, it is a MUST to use 0.20g or above "precision" bbs. All precision bb will work on all guns, however, just like you can throw a handful of cotton very far, the stronger the force, the heavier your bb need to be.

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