Pt SNIPERS... material extrem de interesant in engleza. Episodul 2 din 4 ...

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Pt SNIPERS... material extrem de interesant in engleza. Episodul 2 din 4 ...

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The Second Fundamental of Marksmanship for the Airsoft Sniper

Once you have a proper grasp of how to Aim your airsoft sniper rifle properly, you can move on to the second fundamental of marksmanship for the airsoft sniper which is utilizing proper Breath Control.

When a player finds that they are not shooting as accurately with their new airsoft sniper rifle as they thought they would, they will often blame the gun itself.

Truth be told, the majority of the difficulty new snipers have is because of a lack of proper breath control. Either they are holding their breath while taking a shot or they are breathing WHILE they are shooting. Either one will wreak havoc on how accurate your fire is.

Airsoft is a recreational sport which means that it’s comprised of many “weekend warriors” who often don’t get a lot of exercise during the week. Being air dropped into a simulated combat environment from a life of ease, then running around dodging fire from the opposing team, and then being expected to quickly get into an often uncomfortable shooting position can bring on some VERY heavy breathing as well as a seriously elevated heart rate.

Once in the field you can’t go back and put in extra time at the gym, but you CAN observe proper breath control. By controlling the rhythm of your breathing, you can actually control your heart rate and pulse which enables you to have more of a steady posture translating into more accurate shots.

The proper procedure is to sight in your airsoft sniper rifle on your intended target and then to inhale a normal breath. Don’t do any deep breathing here because if your lungs are loaded with too much air it will cause your barrel to dip and throw off your alignment which will result in your shot going low.

After the inhale and with your crosshairs still placed firmly on your target, exhale HALF of that breath and make your final aiming adjustments before taking the shot.

By expelling HALF of your load of oxygen your body lines up properly and you are left with enough air in your lungs to enable you to hold your position while taking your shot.

The additional benefit is that your heart is often racing from moving across the field. Holding half a breath while taking your shot will leave your lungs charged with enough air to supply your bloodstream with the oxygen that it needs.

If you wait too long to take the shot because your target is constantly moving you’ll find that your heart will begin to beat harder which will cause your scope’s crosshairs to again vibrate with each heart beat.

Just take a new breath, expel half the breath again, and proceed to take aim and place your shot.

Simply following this one technique will solve a lot of the problems that often come up and you’ll be pleasantly surprised that your airsoft sniper rifle is shooting on target every time.

Brian Kurtz was an active duty member of the United States Marine Corps from 2000-2004. Rated as an expert marksman and achieving high-shooter status on more than one occasion he now shares his knowledge with airsoft snipers across the globe while running maintaining the Airsoft Sniper Rifle store at

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