Pt SNIPERS... material extrem de interesant in engleza. Episodul 4 din 4 ...

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Pt SNIPERS... material extrem de interesant in engleza. Episodul 4 din 4 ...

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The Fourth Fundamental of Marksmanship for the Airsoft Sniper

The fourth and final fundamental principle of accurate shooting with an airsoft sniper rifle is to employ proper follow through.

Follow through is a term more often associated with golf or softball than with airsoft, but it is a key element of shooting accurately and properly setting up to place additional shots on target.

Proper Follow Through and Recovery is the most neglected of the four fundamentals of airsoft marksmanship. Just as a golfer needs to practice and hone his follow through to the same degree as his backswing, the sniper needs to observe proper follow through and recovery for each and every shot he takes with his airsoft sniper rifle.

Follow through is simple, and if applied consistently will eliminate the jerk-and-pull that jumps shots off target so often. It is an extension of good trigger control and to properly employ it just continue to squeeze the trigger AFTER the shot is fired until it comes to a full stop at the end of it’s range of motion. At the same time, realign your sights with your target in case you need to take an additional shot.

Pause briefly until you’ve regained proper sight picture and then slowly allow the trigger to return forward until you hear or feel it reset for another shot. It is at this time that you can take a new breath and exhale it halfway preparation to engage again.

This return movement is the recovery period and once the trigger resets, you’ve completed a full cycle and are ready to take a second shot or find a new target.

If you are just transitioning over from using an AEG then it’s best to practice these fundamentals extensively before bringing your airsoft sniper rifle into competition for the first time. Plenty of exposure to these basic concepts will enable you to abandon many bad habits you’ve picked up along the way and allow you to achieve a greater level of success in the field than you would have otherwise been able to attain.

Brian Kurtz was an active duty member of the United States Marine Corps from 2000-2004. Rated as an expert marksman and achieving high-shooter status on more than one occasion he now running Airsoft Sniper Rifle where he helps players find the right airsoft rifle that they need in order to dominate the airsoft fields.

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