Pt SNIPERS... material extrem de interesant in engleza. Episodul 3 din 4 ...

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Pt SNIPERS... material extrem de interesant in engleza. Episodul 3 din 4 ...

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The Third Fundamental of Marksmanship for the Airsoft Sniper

After obtaining a good sight picture while aiming in and then exercising proper breath control you have a third principle that will enable you to be more accurate when shooting with your airsoft sniper rifle.

That would be Trigger Control.

Many airsoft snipers get frustrated when they take the time to zero in their sniper rifle properly, use proper aiming techniques, and employ proper breath control only to find that their shots are NOT going where they expect them to be!

If your aiming is good, your breathing is under control, and there are not other factors beyond your control causing problems (like a violent wind) then the culprit of misplaced shots is very often a lack of proper trigger control.

“Jerking the trigger” is a bad habit that is very easy to develop. The usual signs are a shot that goes low and to the left on a consistent basis even after a rifle has been zeroed in properly. Trigger jerking comes into play when you rush the shot. Here’s the proper method of trigger control that will help you avoid this.

Once you’ve aimed in on your target and have got your breath under control it’s time to take the shot. SLOWLY squeeze the trigger in an even and steady backward pull.

If your gun is equipped with a two stage trigger you’ll feel the initial slack disappear quickly and then notice as the final firing stage is reached.

Not all airsoft sniper rifles are equipped with a Two Stage trigger, but many are. Whether your rifle comes with one or not doesn’t matter, what DOES matter is that you observe proper trigger control by squeezing the trigger slowly until the gun fires.

Focus on keeping you crosshairs on your target and not on what your finger is doing with the trigger. When the shot comes it should almost be a surprise to you. If your target moves suddenly you can interrupt the squeeze temporarily while you align your crosshairs again and then continue with your trigger pull as if you had never stopped.

Remember, your place on your team as a sniper is a completely different role than that of your team members. You may take only a few shots on any given skirmish but this is completely fine. Patience is your friend as a sniper and the accuracy of your shots will be more directly tied to your proper employment of these fundamentals than the brand of your scope or airsoft sniper rifle.

Brian Kurtz was an active duty member of the United States Marine Corps from 2000-2004. Rated as an expert marksman and achieving high-shooter status on more than one occasion he now shares his knowledge with airsoft snipers across the globe while running maintaining the Airsoft Sniper Rifle store at

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